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Pro Pool Academy consists of 33+ hours of game knowledge with 16 modules containing 144 video lesson sections and thousands of pool tips with more being added, all in one neatly organized members only access website.  You'll have access anywhere with your private username and password.

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If you can press play on a video and pay attention while watching it, you can improve your game by learning inside of Pro Pool Academy.  Max's methods are easy enough for elementary school students to understand yet powerful enough to help serious players win National and World Titles. 

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With so many video makers and copycats on youtube, it's time to get the right information from the right source, an actual pro tour champion with 30 years successful coaching.  Max keeps you on track and shortens that gap between where you are and winning the trophies you have in your sights.

"You explained the stance in a way I understood it.  I have watched soooo many videos and yours was the only one I connected with.  Yes you are without a doubt the best pool instructor out there, I have watched all of them.
I am in line every time and can one stroke most shots now.  I have never been able to do that.  I feel it when I am out of line and you taught me that.   Great teacher!!
Because literally the way you explained the stance had turned me into a whole different pool player.  I can’t explain it!  I play my friend on a 9 foot every Friday and I'm now destroying him mentally and on the table lol.  I owe it ALL to you for real! More people need to know about you!"
Joseph McClain
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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