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Dr. Paul Wilson with Max Eberle, 2013 World 10-Foot Table 14.1 Champion at Derby City Classic, 2019 Team USA Kremlin Cup 9-Ball Champion, 2020 Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Champion, 3-Time National 8-Ball Champion, 2003 Pro Tour Sportsman of the Year Award recipient.

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"You explained the stance in a way I understood it.  I have watched soooo many videos and yours was the only one I connected with.  Yes you are without a doubt the best pool instructor out there, I have watched all of them.  I am in line every time and can one stroke most shots now.  I have never been able to do that.  I feel it when I am out of line and you taught me that.   Great teacher!!  Because literally the way you explained the stance had turned me into a whole different pool player.  I can’t explain it!  I play my friend on a 9 foot every Friday and I'm now destroying him mentally and on the table lol.  I owe it ALL to you for real! More people need to know about you!"
Joseph McClain
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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