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Module 1:  Fundamentals
Fundamentals Course. Learn how to correct your stance, bridge, stroke, aim, stop, draw, & follow. Complete Powerful Pool Videos $99. Pre-Shot routine video series $97. Zen Pool Video Series $89
Module 2:  Aiming
Aiming Course. I have yet to find a "one size fits all" aiming system. I've learned many over the years and have at least 12 of them in here. Sometimes one just clicks with a student and they get to making more shots right away.
Module 3:  The Big 3 Shots
The Big 3 Shots Course. Every shot you take is a variation of one of these 3 all powerful shots for cue ball control. Master these patented techniques and you'll be moving that cue ball in any direction you like.
Module 4:  Pre-Shot Routine
Pre-Shot Routine Course.  This popular 14 unit course helps you improve this all important part of your game. I walk you step by step through each step of a successful pre shot routine with different options on how you can implement each step. This course will help you play better and better consistently.
Module 5:  Practice Drills
Practice Drills Course .  Learn powerful practice drills so you can accelerate your improvement on a daily basis. These drills will improve your stroke, shot-making, and cue ball control. They'll help you stay down on your shots and teach you discipline on the table.
Module 6:  Bank Shots
Bank Shot Course .  Learn one of the main secrets of banking that 99% of my students never knew till I showed them. Use physics to your advantage, miss less, and make more banks!
Module 7:  Pro Match Videos
Pro Match Videos .  Watch and learn from Max in action during real pro matches against the best players in the world.
Module 8:  8-Ball
8-Ball Course .  Learn my philosophy on 8-Ball which helped me win 3 National 8-Ball Championships. You'll get my philosophy plus 7 racks of 8-Ball that I walk you through shot by shot plus give you my thought process on how to run the table.
Module 9:  9-Ball
9-Ball Course .  I walk you through 8 racks of 9-Ball and how to play position... 
Module 10:  10-Ball
10-Ball Course .  24 info packed racks of 10-Ball instruction!
Module 11:  One Pocket
One Pocket Course.  Right now a video on how to break and then several racks where I run the table and explain my thought process.
Module 12:  Downloads
Member Downloads .  Zen Pool eBook, 172 pages...8-Day Pool Mastery Video Boot Camp with eBook...5 Things You Must Fix Now to Improve Your Game Overnight eBook.... 10 Keys To Playing Consistent Pool eBook
Module 13:  Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization, learn how to optimize your performance to win more during your career plus product recommendations. 
Module 14:  14.1 Straight Pool
14.1 Straight Pool Course. This is an 11 unit course focusing on the break, specialty shots, and pattern play with demonstration. 
Module 15:  15-Ball Rotation
15-Ball Rotation Course. This is a 15 unit course in which I walk you through many racks of 15 ball and show you some great drills for improving your 15-ball game fast.
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Bill Guzenski Senior, Las Vegas, NV
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