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Max, I am a golf instructor and started playing pool seriously about a year ago. As I have gone through the learning process I was really surprised how complex the game was and how little quality Instruction there was available in pool compared to golf. I recently joined your site and upgraded to the gold membership and must say you have done an incredible job here. This is by far the most complete instruction available for pool, your videos on technique are explained tremendously, audio book is awesome, and the drills & run out videos with strategy explanations could not be better! Great job and keep the instruction coming! 

 Matthew McLean, PPA Gold Member
"OK to all my pool playing friends, here is a tip for ya, Pro Pool Academy by Max Eberle, is a great website you can Google, and get some free tips on how to improve your game, I have improved my ball average, and overall game a lot because of this website, and you can too. I met Max shortly after moving to Vegas and must say that he is a great guy, and a great instructor, he possesses the ability to transfer his knowledge, and experience to anyone with a desire to become a much better player. Tell the website, Dollar Bill sent you!"

Bill Guzenski Senior, Las Vegas, NV
"Max gave me some very important tips on stroke and on different drills. My APA rating went from a 4, 5, 6, to a 7 in 8-Ball and 9-Ball, I'm very pleased with that. I am very happy with the way I am playing!"      Eric Jansen, APA 7, now in Tucson, AZ
"Max, Propoolacademy.com is the best. It has really helped my game tremendously. Anyone who has the desire to improve should join this site. The information is spot on the money and explained in a clear and concise manner. I wish I would have found it sooner. Thanks!"  - Ed Scanlan
"Hey Max, 

It was great meeting you at the ICCS show. I am VERY happy with the Pro Pool Academy. The content is great and i look forward to the daily updates. 
I especially like the 9 ball run outs with your commentary. It really breaks down pattern play and strategy. I am also looking forward to more content on the drills tab. I am convinced that specific drills can help your play in general to a greater degree than actual games. Drills can concentrate on specific strengths and weaknesses and bring your overall play up significantly faster. This is the best money spent on improving my overall pool game. Thank you very much for making this possible. "
Mark Tarver
"Hi Max,
Thanks for all the tips. My game has improved so much since I started receiving your newsletter. Keep up the great instruction. "
"There's really a lot of good stuff on Pro Pool Academy, I've found a lot of usefull information that's really improved my game, and I can see there's a lot of stuff on there that's really going to help me out in the future." Drew
"I like your instruction very much! 
I teach golf and can see the parallels between teaching the two games. 
You do a fantastic job! "
Ron Owens
"Thanks for the great tips Max. 
Had a little practice session today and used them without really thinking about using them. I guess I didn’t realize I used them until I came home and saw them laying here by my computer. 
I guess they were working for me without thinking about them. Looking forward to keep improving my game with you tips and help. Thank you. "
"I trust your ability to teach. A lot of people have the skill but can’t tell you how to get there… you have both…thanks!!!!"
EJ Owings
"It's not one specific secret that makes you a better player, its doing the small things the right way that makes you better than the next person……Great Stuff Max…Wished I would have had this material 40 years ago…Better late than never…Thanks for sharing all your know how….. "
Walter Ramsey
"Max -
Just wanted you to know that I've been able to log in as a free member without any problems right from the beginning of your site launch. Very nice site, lots of good info.
Already have hard copies of your book and DVD's. Continue to learn from them with every viewing. Will likely join at the premium level in the near future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! "
John Kraus
What Do You Get With 
Pro Pool Academy?
15 Module Premium Membership Site With Video Training To Help You Improve Your Game Fast, Get More Enjoyment From The Game, 
And Save Years Of Headache And Frustration Plus 
Thousands Of Your Hard Earned Dollars...
Module 1:  Fundamentals
Fundamentals Course. Learn how to correct your stance, bridge, stroke, aim, stop, draw, & follow. Complete Powerful Pool Videos $99. Pre-Shot routine video series $97. Zen Pool Video Series $89
Module 2:  Aiming
Aiming Course. I have yet to find a "one size fits all" aiming system. I've learned many over the years and have at least 12 of them in here. Sometimes one just clicks with a student and they get to making more shots right away.
Module 3:  The Big 3 Shots
The Big 3 Shots Course. Every shot you take is a variation of one of these 3 all powerful shots for cue ball control. Master these patented techniques and you'll be moving that cue ball in any direction you like.
Module 4:  Pre-Shot Routine
Pre-Shot Routine Course.  This popular 14 unit course helps you improve this all important part of your game. I walk you step by step through each step of a successful pre shot routine with different options on how you can implement each step. This course will help you play better and better consistently.
Module 5:  Practice Drills
Practice Drills Course .  Learn powerful practice drills so you can accelerate your improvement on a daily basis. These drills will improve your stroke, shot-making, and cue ball control. They'll help you stay down on your shots and teach you discipline on the table.
Module 6:  Bank Shots
Bank Shot Course .  Learn one of the main secrets of banking that 99% of my students never knew till I showed them. Use physics to your advantage, miss less, and make more banks!
Module 7:  Pro Match Videos
Pro Match Videos .  Watch and learn from Max in action during real pro matches against the best players in the world.
Module 8:  8-Ball
8-Ball Course .  Learn my philosophy on 8-Ball which helped me win 3 National 8-Ball Championships. You'll get my philosophy plus 7 racks of 8-Ball that I walk you through shot by shot plus give you my thought process on how to run the table.
Module 9:  9-Ball
9-Ball Course .  I walk you through 8 racks of 9-Ball and how to play position... 
Module 10:  10-Ball
10-Ball Course .  24 info packed racks of 10-Ball instruction!
Module 11:  One Pocket
One Pocket Course. Right now a video on how to break and then several racks where I run the table and explain my thought process.
Module 12:  Downloads
Member Downloads .  Zen Pool eBook, 172 pages...8-Day Pool Mastery Video Boot Camp with eBook...5 Things You Must Fix Now to Improve Your Game Overnight eBook.... 10 Keys To Playing Consistent Pool eBook
Module 13:  Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization, learn how to optimize your performance to win more during your career plus product recommendations. 
Module 14:  14.1 Straight Pool
14.1 Straight Pool Course. This is an 11 unit course focusing on the break, specialty shots, and pattern play with demonstration. 
Module 15:  15-Ball Rotation
15-Ball Rotation Course. This is a 15 unit course in which I walk you through many racks of 15 ball and show you some great drills for improving your 15-ball game fast.
Lifetime Access!
Just $147
MODULE ONE:  Fundamentals
SKILL ONE:  Developing A Super Solid Stance
  •  The similarities between pool and other sports
  • The important relation between your stroke and your body
  • How to set up your stance for an effective stroke
  •  How to keep your body out of the way of your stroke
  •  The components of a super stroke
  •  Where to put your back foot
  •  The all important vertical plane
  •  Powerful foot positioning
  •  What direction to face your body
  •  How to naturally stay balanced in your stance
  •  How learning from golf can help your pool game
  •  How having the balance of a football linemen can help you play pool well
  •  How not to “chase” the cue ball.
  •  Simple methods to enter your stance with perfect alignment and balance
  •  Why to get your center of vision on the stroking line before you are in your stance
  •  How knowledge of body mechanics can improve your opposite handed game 200%
  •  How to take advantage of your arm joints to create an automatically straight stroke
  •  What does a pool throwing motion look like?
  •  How to get your center of vision on the stroking line
  •  What ties together your stance, stroke, and aim
  •  How to consistently set up the perfect distance for you from the cue ball every shot, and be balance.
  •  Guideline on where YOU should grip the cue for the best stroke
  •  How to create the perfect stance
  •  The power of upper body alignment mastery
  •  How to get a good setup when the tale is in your way
  •  How to stretch as far as possible with good alignment.
SKILL TWO:   Having Super Solid Bridges
  •  How to get more versatility out of your bridge
  • Step by step how to form the most effective bridges
  •  What NOT to do with your bridges
  •  One simple thing you can do with your thumb to make your bridge twice as solid right away.
  •  How to create more stability in your bridges
  •  Multiple variations of the standard bridges
  •  Where to put the pressure in your bridge hand
  •  How to adapt your bridge to fit multiple situations.
  •  Insider pro secrets on making bridges
  •  What not to do with your bridge arm wrist on elevated shots
  •  What making bridges should have in common with sign language.
  •  When to practice your bridges
  •  Bridging like a champion when the cue ball is near the rail
  •  A choice insider secret to NOT miscuing when cue ball is on or next to the rail.
  •  How to achieve a longer back swing even with cue ball near the rail.
  •  How to use the “heel” of your hand to become extra solid.
  •  How to make great bridges even when lots of balls are in the way
  •  How to get EXTRA height out of your elevated bridges
  •  Why being like a spider is good sometimes even if you are not “The Black Widow”
  •  How to be ready with your bridge before its even on the table
  •  What to do when the cue ball is different distances from the rail
  •  Bridges for breaking from the rail or the table with POWER
  •  Adapting in “funny spots” around the rails & pockets.
  •  How golf can help your break.
  •  Using the mechanical bridge/rake.
SKILL THREE:   Delivering A Super Stroke 
(And Secrets To Develop One)
  •  How to make your stroke straight, smooth, accurate & consistent
  • Champion’s secrets of he basic stroke vs. Max’s Drop The Elbow Stroke
  •  How to easily add six inches or more of length to your stroke
  •  How to get more cue ball action with less effort out of your stroke
  •  How to control your cue when dropping your elbow
  •  How to start your stroke coming down the stroking line to begin with
  •  How your back swing is vitally important to your stroke
  •  Insider secrets for developing your stance and alignment
  •  The KEY to pulling back straight on the stroking line
  •  Why you need to be a scientist and an athlete
  •  What to look at and why on your back-swing
  •  Exercises and Drills for developing a devastatingly straight stroke
  •  How to adjust your backswing to fit your desired spin & power
  •  What not to do with your grip hand during your stroke
  •  Insider champion secrets on a great grip
  •  What not to do with your grip hand
  •  At least four different grip options that are effective and can fit into your style
  •  The purpose of the warm-up strokes and how to achieve rhythm
  •  How the practice strokes and waggle in golf are similar
  •  Drills to create a straight stroke and “dead on” center ball hit
  •  How to adjust your backswing for the speed of your shot
  •  Max’s ultimate drill to supercharge your stroke for maximum use
  •  What key components go on the stroking line
SKILL FOUR:   Eagle Eye Aim 
(And How To Develop It)
  •  How to become a pool shooting machine
  • How accurate aim testing comes only after building solid fundamentals
  •  How to improve with scientific precision
  •  How missing helps you improve…if you are paying attention
  •  Well guarded secrets of world championship aiming
  •  10 powerful, accurate, and effective aiming techniques
  •  How to find and hit the contact point
  •  The geometry of shot making
  •  How playing like a child can teach your brain about how to aim
  •  The difference between the contact point and the stroking line
  •  The basic yet elegant geometry of aim up to intuitive aiming secrets of the champions
  •  Why and how all roads lead to Rome and where is Rome on every pool shot
  •  How to simplify the ghost ball to it’s basic powerful core
  •  What to look at during your stroke and back swing
  •  What the most important spot on the table is and how it can balance you in your stance perfectly every time
  •  How to combine aiming systems to beat your competition
  •  Training aids to improve your aim
  •  Fifteen time world champion Willie Mosconi’s aiming system revealed
  •  Aiming with X-Ray vision
  •  How you can develop the consistency of the world’s top shot makers
  •  How fractions can help you aim
  •  Shot making tips and drills
  •  How to beat your problem shots and make them your best friend
  •  How to practice like a pro and actually master shots
  •  Progressive shot making drill theory to master all the angles
  •  How side spin affects your aim and how to accurately adjust so you still make the shots
  •  How to learn aim adjustments
  •  A simple cheat-cheat to automatically and accurately adjust your aim for deflection
  •  What kicking a soccer ball can teach you about aim
  •  How the ghost ball moves when you use side spin
SKILL FIVE:   The Almighty Stop Shot 
(From All Distances And Speeds)
  •  What the most important shot in pool is for cue ball control
  • How to make great stop shots at all different distances and speeds
  •  The physics of a stop shot
  •  How the cloth affects the spin of the cue ball and how to use that understanding to win games and matches
  •  Demonstrations of creating top, stop, and draw action
  •  The timing you need for all stop shots
  •  How to vary where you hit the cue ball and still get a stop shot
  •  How to make long range stop shots
  •  Why the stop shot is so powerful for your total game
  •  The exact angle the cue ball travels after contact with the object ball
  •  How to predict cue ball direction
  •  How to stop the cue ball anywhere on the tangent line
  •  Making caroms to win games
  •  How the angle affects your cue ball speed down the tangent line
  •  How to “shape your shots” or cue ball routes
  •  Why to plan a route on thin cuts
  •  How top and bottom spin affect direction off the tangent line
  •  How to manipulate friction to your advantage
  •  When left and right spin affects cue ball direction
  •  How to improvise
SKILL SIX:   The Dazzling Draw Shot 
(How To Achieve Incredible Backspin With Control)
  •  What your stroke needs to have to get good back spin on the cue ball
  •  Common pitfalls preventing a good draw shot and how to avoid them
  •  Detailed Coverage of the basic draw stroke and the "drop elbow" draw stroke and which one to use and when
  •  The important components of draw that you must know
  •  Insider pro secrets on getting great back spin
  •  A world champion’s guide to developing awesome draw shot speed control
  •  How to properly control your grip hand
  •  How one backswing adjustment can double your power
  •  How to draw like a champ with just an open hand bridge
  •  How not to scooop the cue ball and send it flying off the table costing you the game, set, and match.
  •  Drills to super charge your draw power, speed control, and accuracy
SKILL SEVEN:   The Fantastic Follow Shot 
(And How To Become The Best In Your Town At It)
  •  How the follow stroke is different from the draw stroke and how not knowing this could give you a lifetime of frustration
  •  How to hit the ball high enough to achieve real, actual top spin
  •  How to master extreme spins
  •  How and why to achieve a near level stroke on your follow shots
  •  Two major types of follow, how to execute them, and why
  •  How to keep the object ball on line when hitting with speed…and still control the cue ball for position on your next shot
  •  Follow drills to increase your skill (and winning percentage)
PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER:   Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Techniques For Getting The Job Done
  •  How to draw with the cue ball 1 inch from the object ball
  •  How to synchronize your eyes and stroke like a champion
  •  How to aim like a sniper
  •  Max’s powerful system on aiming and setting up
  •  Where to keep your eyes focused as you drop into your stance
  •  When and why to pause during your warm-up stroke sequence
  •  Powerful drills to help you finish your stroke and be as solid as the champion you are
  •  How to cure yourself of jumping up too fast
  •  A powerful drill to develop your stance set up and instincts
  •  How to develop your concentration for success
  • Making shots with your eyes literally closed
  •  The best cure for jumping up too early
  •  Take away attachment and get in touch with your stroke
  •  How to build trust in your stroke
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